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Scope: Demolition of a crane base while retaining the steel structure of 7 in-bedded piles. This 150 cubic meter crane base with in bedded piles came with new challenges, Dymacut proposed wire-sawing method. The crane base was to be cut into sections around the piles that were to be retained, this meant the structure needed to be carefully planned and dismantled in sequence.

Scope: Cut and remove 4 entire levels of slabs and columns. Total area 6400 square meters. Dymacut proposed to cut the slab in to 2 x 4 meter sections, drilling 2 core holes per slab it allowed the 220-ton crane to easily lift and place the pieces in a designated area for breaking.

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We are a certified member of the CSDA (Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association). In addition we have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers all of Dymacut’s activities and employees.


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