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Hand Sawing

At Dymacut we provide several hand saw options to best suit your needs and the job site. All saws are diamond blade and offer cleaner wet cut options that prevent the spread of hazardous dust. The hand saws are small, powerful and are best suited for work in hard to reach places where Track saw or a Floor saw may not be suitable. We have petrol; electric and hydraulic saws available for use in the correct environment to ensure the job is done proficiently and safely.

Demo Saw

Cutting up to 150mm with options such as petrol, hydraulic and electric powered available for use in enclosed areas.

Ring Saw

Cutting depths of up to 260mm with high accuracy and precision available in hydraulic, electric and petrol.

Dragon Saw

Cutting up to 400mm deep for deep slab and wall cuts, available in petrol hydraulic and electric hydraulic.

Flush Cut Saw

This hydraulic powered saw is used for close to edge cuts and flush cutting depth of 210mm.

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